Does This sound familiar?

  • My team is quite senior and I trust they know their accounts explicitly. How can I prove this to our convention center and hotel partners, so my team has greater credibility?

  • We’re doing a lot of pushing and pulling with our partners, seems like every event we’re selling just as hard internally as we are externally. Don’t they know we’re working on their behalf?

  • Our goals are based on definite room nights so naturally more is better, right?  Does this measure of success align with the business our partners want to confirm?  Is it time to re-evaluate what success looks like?

  • When we’re challenged about our citywide selling strategy, we illustrate how we deploy our sales team, the markets they serve, and the industry shows where we exhibit.  What are we missing?

If so, Here Is How We can Help:

This engagement is designed for destinations that desire a citywide sales strategy where headquarter hotels, convention center, and other key stakeholders in the citywide ecosystem are on the same page.  When the CVB proactively manages to achieve the business imperatives of the convention center, hotels, and community, your destination will have a competitive advantage when advocating for the customer.  Fundamentally, this engagement is all about gaining alignment around business value, success metrics, account management, and communications. 

Every engagement begins with an analysis of all available booking and performance data and local insights from stakeholder interviews.  While our approach is highly customized, as every destination has a different set of priorities, you can expect our engagement to end with an account management strategy that aligns with stakeholder expectations. 

Sometimes CVBs embrace our services because of a change, a turnover in CVB sales or convention center leadership, convention center expansion, a new headquarter hotel general manager, or director of sales.  Whether you’re navigating change or creating change proactively, success in the citywide market requires synergy at the highest level.