Does This sound familiar?

  • It seems like the only place I’m able to gain meeting planner preferences is through industry surveys and studies, but I don’t feel the findings are specific enough to take action.  

  • We’ve had our advisory board for several years and are looking to complement the discussion.  Besides, in a face-to-face meeting setting, we don’t always feel like we can dive deep enough into their buying process.  

  • We don’t have a way to gain the perspective of accounts who haven’t done business with us.

  • We’re developing a content marketing and sales strategy but need more in-depth information on the type of educational content buyers need in their consideration and decision making processes.

If so, Here is How We can Help:

What if you had the opportunity to dig much deeper with actual customers who have considered your destination for an event, and then use their insights to fuel your sales and marketing activities and train your sales people to use a more highly personalized approach in their day to day selling?  

Customized for the meetings and events industry, we apply the methodologies of the Buyer Persona Institute though one-on-one interviews with your most recent wins and losses to learn:   

  • What triggers the search for a meeting location?

  • Which benefits of your destination resonate?

  • What are the perceived barriers?

  • Who are the decision makers, influences, and trusted advisors?

  • How is the final decision made?

Giving voice to the buyer, we listen to capture the mindset of your planner in the act of making the decision you most want to influence.  Buyer Insights feels a bit like “cheating.”  It’s almost like getting the answers to the questions before talking to your next customer!  

We then deliver those personal insights to your sales and marketing team in an interactive half-day workshop to reveal the buyer’s journey and help your team develop actionable strategies for both their sales and marketing activities.  It’s the perfect discussion to bring sales and marketing closer in collaboration to develop a studied approach to win more business.