Does This sound familiar?

  • It seems like the only place I’m able to gain meeting planner preferences is through industry surveys and studies, but I don’t feel the findings are specific enough to take action.  

  • We’ve had our advisory board for several years and are looking to complement the discussion.  Besides, in a face-to-face meeting setting, we don’t always feel like we can dive deep enough into their buying process.  

  • We don’t have a way to gain the perspective of accounts who haven’t done business with us.

  • We’re developing a content marketing and sales strategy but need more in-depth information on the type of educational content buyers need in their consideration and decision making processes.

If so, Here is How We can Help:

Through our process, both your sales and marketing teams will gain greater insight into what meeting planners or event organizers are thinking and doing as they consider your destination for a high-stakes buying decision. This vital information will lead you to think differently about your existing sales and marketing strategies.

We’ll begin the process with a team discussion on the market you are looking to influence.  This results in identifying targeted customers who have recently made a decision for their event and did not select your destination, as well as customers who have confirmed.  Customized for the meetings and events industry, we apply the methodologies of the Buyer Persona Institute through, one-on-one interviews to learn:

  • What exactly begins their planning process

  • Which benefits of your destination resonates

  • What are the barriers

  • Who are the influencers of the decision

  • How is their final decision made

After the interviews, we will lead an educational workshop with your team on these 5 Buying Insights derived from your target customers’ own journey.  It’s the perfect discussion to bring your sales, marketing and other stakeholders together to collaborate and develop specific strategies designed to win more business.