The New Alternative to Standard Sales Training

Everywhere we engage with CVBs, we hear the same refrain, “We need more tactical and strategic sales training!” And yet, those same CVBs are reluctant to continue to invest in more generic sales training that doesn’t deliver quantifiable results.

It’s also disheartening when individuals attend off-site training and the teachings don’t line up with the destination sales approach, and there isn’t the budget or time to create customized training to fit the needs of sales professionals at varying experience levels within the organization.

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This is one of the reasons why we are so excited about the possibilities of Buyer Insights to provide a unique way to bring your sales and marketing teams together for tangible learning, straight from the mouth of the customer.  Yes, that’s right…actual one-on-one interviews conducted with your destination’s most recent wins/losses examine the buyer’s journey and reveal actionable ways for your sales and marketing professionals to be more helpful and less “hypeful.”

We are going to deliver an entirely personalized half-day sales and marketing workshop which is information rich and loaded with actionable take-aways from your customers for each member of your team to employ.  This isn’t a sit back and listen session, this is a roll up your sleeves and figure out some concrete strategies in relation to your customer’s direct feedback.  

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If you’ve been lamenting sales training and doing nothing because there just aren’t any suitable alternatives, now there is!  Buyer Insights is the real deal and it will help your sales and marketing professionals think and act differently, and it will prevent you from spending additional dollars on standard training that won’t amplify results in your destination.