Terri Roberts Joins 2Synergize, LLC

I am pleased to announce the hiring of Terri Roberts as Program Manager for 2Synergize, LLC effective January 28, 2019.  Terri and I have great sympatico and have worked together “synergistically” (pardon the pun) in our tenure with Marriott Hotels and Resorts, San Diego Tourism Authority, formerly know was the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Destinations International.   

Terri L. Roberts

Project Manager, 2Synergize, LLC

Tying business objectives and challenges to active learning experiences is Terri’s specialty. Terri prides herself in bringing sharp communication and problem solving skills, realism, and always humor to her training and project management assignments. 

As many know, Terri has assisted Destinations International on a contract basis for the past ten years in training and communication for their planner/DMO initiative empowerMINT.com.  Most recently, she created onboarding and engagement training for Destinations International membership.  

In addition, she has partnered over the last ten years with Margie Sitton, Senior Vice President of Sales and Services and the San Diego Tourism Authority on the improvement of their site inspection processes and the community wide sales program San Diego Meeting Certified. 

Terri also brings fifteen years of hotel sales, marketing and professional development experience with four southern California Marriott Hotels, including pre-opening Director of Sales in La Jolla and Director of Training and Development at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina.  

I am thrilled to be joining forces again with Terri, as I have great respect for her intellectual property, creativity, and integrity-both personally and professionally. Not to mention, we have shared a valued friendship for over 30 years. So good to be working with you again Terri!